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Muay Femur Tee

The Muay Femur style exemplifies everything that is beautiful about the art of Muay Thai.  Instead of brute force and aggression, the Muay Femur uses all the weapons of Muay Thai with precise and well though out technique.  He is the kind of fighter that draws crows to the fight.

He knows when to attack, when to back down and how to adapt to his opponent's style.  In fact, some Muay Femur fighters will use their opponent's tactics against them, breaking down their weapons one by one.  Because of this, he usually keeps his distance from his opponent, using long-range jabs, kicks and teeps to do so.

Some of the greatest fighters of all time have represented this style.  These legends of Muay Thai include Saenchai, Namsaknoi and Samart Payakaroon, regarded by many as the best of all time.  

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  • Fiber Content - 60% Combined Ring-Spun Cotton 40% Polyester 
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